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Rich Farina, President & Founding PartnerRich Farina, President & Founding Partner
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Rich Farina works with healthcare professionals who are interested in incorporating a medical fitness program in their practices that is both effective and profitable.

Rich began his career and interest in exercise and fitness at the age of 16 working as a trainer in one of the U.S.’s first east coast Nautilus centers. In college, he became the “exercise go-to guy” and opened the university’s first private exercise “lab” for the regular students to have a place to go and not be intimidated by plate-slamming body builders and football jocks.

After earning his Master’s degree in Public Health, his interests in medical physiology, epidemiology and biostatistics lead him to research the trends in health and disease in America from a “global perspective”, and how lifestyle diseases, already on the rise in the early 80′s, were handled in and out of our nation’s health care delivery system.

During the late 80′s and early 90′s, Rich owned and operated several financially lucrative healthcare-related companies. In 1997, he opened his first medical fitness center where he worked with physician-referred patients in a structured, effective, and time-efficient program designed to reduce and where possible eliminate lifestyle-induced health conditions. He continued to refine his programs and protocols while running this flagship center, and went on to open several additional medical fitness centers.

Rich is the founder and publisher of MedicalFitnessAcademy.com, an extensive resource specifically for healthcare and fitness professionals. It features business management, marketing and operational materials in the form of multimedia training programs as well as articles, business tools, downloadable forms, checklists and a wide variety of information on the systems and procedures required to operate a successful medical fitness program.

Rich is also the developer and publisher of the Medical Fitness FormulaTM License Program, a complete turnkey business system designed to assist healthcare professionals implement a medical fitness program in their practice in 90 days or less.

Rich is an advisor to physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, health club owners, wellness advocates, and fitness professionals throughout the U.S. During the past 20 years, Rich has conducted training programs for hundreds of healthcare professionals regarding the planning and implementation of medical fitness programs in their practices.

Ritacropped150WRita Bryan, Vice President & Founding Partner

Rita Bryan is a leading contributor and Co-Founder of MedicalFitnessAcademy.com. She is a twenty year veteran of the fitness and wellness industries.

Rita’s unique skills for financial and management controls are enhanced by her experience of more than twenty years owning and operating fitness and wellness centers.

Rita started out early in her career as an educator after graduating from college. She earned her Master’s degree in School Administration in the late 70′s, changed careers, and used an introduction to secure a position as a contracts negotiator for a company that designed and manufactured electronic defense systems.

In the early 80′s, she earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and took on the position of Chief Financial Officer and Vice president of Administration for a Business & Technology Consulting Company and directed their financial, accounting, and administrative affairs. Rita retired from the corporate world in the late 80′s, changed careers, teamed with a group of physicians, and opened and managed wellness centers.

After an unanticipated challenge and recovery from leukemia, Rita developed a passion for health and fitness and purchased and operated a group of women’s fitness center franchises. In the late 90′s, disillusioned with the inherent weaknesses in the “health club” franchise business model, and believing that there had to be a better way, she teamed up with long-time friend and business associate, Richard Farina, Founder of MedicalFitnessAcademy.com. Together they developed and operated several very successful medical fitness centers.

Rita coaches physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and fitness professionals throughout the U.S. on how to integrate medical fitness into their practices and to maximize their current practice systems for a smooth initiation and implementation of a profitable medical fitness program.

Rita is co-founder of MedicalFitnessAcademy.comand has helped to develop hundreds of articles, tools, and resources to help healthcare professionals plan, implement, and profit from their own medical fitness center in their practices.

Among Rita’s most notable contribution has been the creation of training videos and materials on how to convert patients into long-term cash-paying fitness “clients”.

Along with her years of experience as an educator, corporate executive and entrepreneur, and her degrees from Kutztown University, Lehigh University and Temple University, Rita also earned certifications as an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. She also earned certifications in the areas Fitness Assessment, Weight Training, Nautilus Strength Training, Exercise for Special Populations, Exercise and Cancer Recovery, and Metabolic Assessment and Training.

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