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Why Healthcare Practitioners Are Now Looking To Start Cash Wellness Programs In Their Practices

With the never-ending surprises healthcare practitioners are continuing to experience due to changes in insurance reimbursement, more and more of them are reaching for alternative ways to keep their income stable and plan for an unpredictable future.

​And this is why the number of inquiries we are getting at the Medical Fitness Academy is increasing daily. Medical physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors know that insurance reimbursement will never be as good as it used to be. But what they don't realize is that the insurance industry is mounting even a greater assault that will come soon in two phases.

The Health Insurance Industry's Plans For Future Reimbursement To Healthcare Providers

The next "phase" of reimbursement changes to healthcare providers will be a significant reduction of ALL submitted claims to Medicare reimbursement levels.  Most healthcare providers know what this means - receiving way less money for the services they provide to their patients.

How to Wield the Power of the White Coat

“Can patients really convert to cash-paying customers?”

This is a question I get all the time. Healthcare professionals want to know whether their current patients will be able to make the leap from relying on insurance companies to cover the costs of their services at their offices to paying for them out of their own pocket.

It’s a fair question, and I understand why they ask it: they have been dealing with insurance companies for so long, it is almost impossible to believe that patients would be willing to pay cash for any services at their office.

But the truth is they are willing. In fact, they are eager once they learn the benefits a medical fitness program can offer them.   The key to this transition is how you wield the power of the white coat.

Healthcare Practice Consultants Help Add Patients and Increase Revenue

R&R2Doctors are finding that working with a healthcare practice consultant who specializes in medical fitness can facilitate the building of their patient roster. A healthcare practice consultant with a focus on medical fitness can help increase cash revenues and add patients to a practice.

Almost every patient who walks into a doctor’s waiting room can benefit from an ongoing fitness plan that includes structured, supervised exercise and a planned diet. With a vast majority of American adults being inactive and almost 70% being classified as either overweight or obese, adding a fitness component to a healthcare practice makes total sense.

Creating a Plan

One of the most important tasks that a healthcare practice consultant can do is help develop a workable plan that is overall simple to implement. When engaging in practice building it’s important to have a business plan that works hand-in-hand with the services being offered. That includes objective figures focusing on investment of time and money and the return expected.

Healthcare Consultants Create a System for Implementing Medical Fitness Programs

The Medical Fitness Academy Can Make Your Practice Financially Fit

R&R2If you’re in the medical profession and have an active practice, you may be considering adding a medical fitness and wellness program that you can offer to your present patients. The Medical Fitness Academy, which was co-founded by healthcare consultant Rich Farina and healthcare marketing consultant Rita Bryan, is a program that medical practices can utilize to offer effective fitness programs quickly and efficiently.

Background to the Foreground

Healthcare Consultant and President of the Medical Fitness Academy Rich Farina has spent 20 years in the field, while Vice President Rita Bryan brings 18 years of experience. Farina has consulted with medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and others in the best business practices of medical fitness and wellness, and Bryan has been active in the marketing, creation and facilitating of medical fitness and wellness programs, as well as working towards the effective conversion of insurance patients into long-term cash-paying fitness “clients.”

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