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How To Use Medical Fitness To Attract More New Patients

How To Use Medical Fitness To Attract New PatientsMost physical therapists and chiropractors who are in private practice find they need multiple ways to attract new patients.  While patient referrals from other healthcare practitioners and patients are always a preferred type of new patient, physical therapists and chiropractors must still market for additional new patients if they want to grow and maintain a healthy profit margin.

And with ongoing reductions in patient insurance reimbursement, as well as the impending changes in healthcare reform starting to take place, attracting more new patients to your practice takes special strategies that are guaranteed to work month in and month out.

One of the best “game changing” strategies to attract more new patients and increase practice income has been to offer a cash-based medical fitness and wellness program as part of your practice services.

Healthcare Practice Consultants Shows Doctors How to Create Additional Revenue with Medical Fitness

R&R2President and Founding Partner of the Medical Fitness Academy ( Rich Farina and Vice President Rita Bryan are experienced healthcare practice consultants who are able to show doctors how to expand their practices through medical fitness. Their Medical Fitness Academy offers doctors a four-step plan that they may utilize to generate additional revenues.

Medical Fitness Academy’s Rich Farina and Rita Bryan have combined their years of business and fitness experience to create a company that is able to help doctors generate more revenue. The team joined forces a while ago and soon saw positive results from their efforts to combine health and fitness in the doctor’s office.

“Doctors may recommend that a patient get fit and then send them on their way,” says Farina, “but that rarely works. However, by offering easy access to a medical fitness program that is designed specifically by the doctor and located in their office, a healthcare provider has created the scenario for success. As healthcare practice consultants, Rita and I are able to provide doctors with the information and plan they need to make medical fitness an part of their practice.”

Healthcare Practice Consultants Help Add Patients and Increase Revenue

R&R2Doctors are finding that working with a healthcare practice consultant who specializes in medical fitness can facilitate the building of their patient roster. A healthcare practice consultant with a focus on medical fitness can help increase cash revenues and add patients to a practice.

Almost every patient who walks into a doctor’s waiting room can benefit from an ongoing fitness plan that includes structured, supervised exercise and a planned diet. With a vast majority of American adults being inactive and almost 70% being classified as either overweight or obese, adding a fitness component to a healthcare practice makes total sense.

Creating a Plan

One of the most important tasks that a healthcare practice consultant can do is help develop a workable plan that is overall simple to implement. When engaging in practice building it’s important to have a business plan that works hand-in-hand with the services being offered. That includes objective figures focusing on investment of time and money and the return expected.

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