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How Fitness Professionals Help Healthcare Professionals Build Larger Practices And Attract New Patients

One of the most overlooked personally-rewarding and lucrative opportunities that most fitness professionals miss is collaborating with healthcare practitioners in developing a medical fitness & wellness program together.

With the latest trend of including both exercise and nutrition as part of patient consultation and care plans, fitness professionals stand to expand their careers and income by knowing how to approach practitioners and work with them in creating an onsite medical fitness program.

Once the medical physician, physical therapist or chiropractor realizes the “hidden goldmine” they have in both their active and inactive patient files, a fitness professional with the right credentials and proven “formula” can take their skill set to a whole new level.

The “key” to success is understanding the patient population that the healthcare practitioner services in their practice.  By providing a systematic approach to implementing and growing a cash-based medical fitness program, the practitioner soon realizes the multiple benefits such an program brings to the practice, including its natural ability to attract new patients to the practice.

Crucial Medical Fitness Component #3: Efficient, Systemized Delivery of Services

It’s important to have the systems in place to ensure your staff delivers your services to patients on a consistent basis during each session. This is critical. There’s no room for shooting from the hip or operating at random.

Remember: you’re not selling fitness memberships. You are providing fitness programs that address your patients’ specific needs and goals. You need to prove that with every session.  You must have a system in which your staff works, not have a staff-driven program.

For example, our medical fitness program promises to provide “high quality, day-to-day service”, not “facility stuff”.  In our program, a medical fitness instructor receives the client at every exercise session to check their health status, set the session plan, and ensure that incremental improvements are made during that session.

You must have a system in place that shows your staff how to:

Crucial Medical Fitness Component #2: A Structured, Supervised Program

fitness programA typical health club or gym offers a membership approach to fitness. You get to “pay to play” on their toys or in their classes whenever they’re open.  On the other hand, a well-run medical fitness center offers a program approach to fitness. This means your patients receive structured, supervised programs and services that address their individual needs on an ongoing basis.

Here are the four fundamental ingredients to include in your patient’s program:

1.   Exercise Readiness Screening - You need a systematic process that screens for chronic conditions and the potential for exercise-related injuries. This makes it easier to decide how to adjust your program to meet their needs.

Crucial Medical Fitness Component #1: A Defined Market

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “Become a master of one, not a jack of all trades.”  If you haven’t, the idea is that you will be more productive and useful if you have laser-like focus on one thing, than if you dabble in many different areas.

Health clubs practice the “jack of all trades” approach to fitness and try to have something there for everyone.  As a health professional with an individual practice, you’re not going to be able to compete with health clubs, gyms and hospital-based wellness centers on that front.

So, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is biting off more than you can chew by trying to offer programs and services to meet the needs of every age group and fitness level in your practice.  You need to specialize.  Clearly define your niche markets — no more than one or two — and offer those niches a specialized solution for their needs.  Don’t try to target all your patients, or you’ll end up with no patients in your programs.

Where Will I Put This Medical Fitness Equipment?

So you hear about a “Medical Fitness” program, and it conjures up images of patients working out on big machines in a large training facility with a ton of equipment, right? Well, that may be what it sounds like, but that’s not what it is.

In fact, a medical fitness program doesn’t need to take up very much space at all. 75% of practitioners’ offices use space inefficiently. So, for most offices, there is no need to purchase additional space — you just need to make better use of the space you already have.

In many cases, when a practitioner (like you) purchases their office space, they end up getting more than they actually need. So what happens then? Obviously, they do what anybody would do: move things around to make the stuff they have fill out the space. The thing is, once they do that, they often forget there was extra space to begin with!

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