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How To Get Medical Referrals For Your Fitness And Wellness Program

prescribemetabolismtest2If you run a fitness and/or wellness program of any kind as an extension of your practice, then having a surefire system of getting other healthcare professionals to refer their patients to you on a regular basis is extremely valuable.  

In fact, if you get just 10 referrals each month, it can easily generate an extra $10,000/month in practice income based on the lifetime value and retention of that patient in your practice as a “wellness client” according to our statistics.

But more important is the fact that even when they do refer to you in the hopes that you can help them improve their health with certain lifestyle “game changers” like exercise and diet, how do you insure that their patients will show up on your doorstep?

Considering a Fitness Franchise as a Wellness Program to Your Practice? Think Again…

Most healthcare professionals that I talk to love the idea of incorporating a medical fitness and wellness program into their practice, because of the obvious benefits of being able to really help their patients be more healthy and adding an all-cash revenue stream to their income.

This much is pretty consistent within the healthcare industry.

However, there are differing views on the best way to make this happen, and I must say — one of the ways really is WAY better than the other.

Basically, there are two options: 1) start your own program from the ground up using a proven “template” or 2) buy some sort of developed fitness franchise and adhere to their exact rules and regulations.

The second option might sounds nice, right? At least, it sounds like less work. But the truth is there are some major downsides to buying a franchise.

Healthcare Practice Consultants Provide an Effective Platform for Doctors

Marriage of Fitness and Healthcare Makes Sense

Doctor-ExerciseWhen you think of it, it makes sense for healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors to offer their patients a gateway to better health through a medical fitness program. The program that veteran healthcare practice consultants Rich Farina and Rita Bryan have developed through their company The Medical Fitness Academy is proving to be a great fit with those who are offering healthcare services.  For example, so many patients who are seen by chiropractors for back, knee problems and other such problems are out of shape and in need of a supervised program.  A fitness program that is well designed and efficient is a great way for any healthcare provider to engage in practice building.

The Basic Stats

Practice Building for Healthcare Professionals – Medical Fitness Academy

Medical Exercise Programs for Healthcare Professionals – Medical Fitness Academy

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