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How To Work With Healthcare Providers: Part 3

Yes we still have more tips on the subject.  We started this blog series last week.  If you didn’t catch part one and part two you can click on the links below.  Otherwise enjoy part three!

Part 1

Part 2

Step 3: Marketing Yourself to Physicians’/Health Care Providers’ Gatekeepers

Now that you have prepared your marketing materials, you are ready to start marketing your services to health care providers in your community. A health care “community” is typically made up of a hospital, a medical plaza or medical facility of some type, and all the health care providers and staff that manage and provide care in these facilities. This health care community can range from having a staff of 1,000 employees all the way down to having only three or four employees. Hospitals and larger medical facilities, in addition to the expected physicians and nurses, will usually have registered dietitians, other health care professionals, and an education department that provides continuing professional education for its health care practitioners.

How To Work With Healthcare Providers: Part 2

We found a great resource to help health and fitness professional work with healthcare providers to improve business and help more people.  This is part two in the series. Click here for part one (in case you missed it).  Hope this is helpful!

Step 2: Preparation of two Marketing Kits (for Community Education Dept. Directors and Physicians/Health Care Providers)

Once you’ve taken the steps necessary to qualify yourself academically and skill wise, as well as gained the necessary work experience, you’re ready to put together the materials (often called a “press kit”) that you’ll use to market yourself to health care providers and those “gatekeepers” who you’ll usually need to win over before you’ll be able to talk to the health care providers. Place each of the following items in a professional looking binder with clear covers:

a.   For the Community Education Dept. Director:

How To Work With Healthcare Providers: Part 1

We found a great resource for fitness and wellness professionals looking to team up with healthcare providers.  We will be posting a series of steps to help all of you.  Here is part one in the series.

Step 1: Professional Preparation

Develop yourself! Develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities and you’ll be rewarded. You’ll need a combination of formal education, recognized & respected certifications, and practical and business skills.


  • Formal education – Earning at least a Bachelors degree in a wellness/exercise science related field will be important when working with a physician or other health care provider and will improve your chances of being noticed and respected. If you do not have a degree at the moment, do your best to attain one as soon as possible.
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