Crucial Medical Fitness Component #5: An Automated Cash Billing & Collection System

For the billing of your medical fitness and wellness program, we recommend you use an automated recurring billing system.  This is a win/win situation for you and your patients.  Your patients get better, more permanent results because they end up staying in their program for a longer period, and don’t have to be bothered by writing checks and remembering to pay you on time.

You, on the other hand, start building a predictable monthly cash revenue stream.  As long as you are providing an excellent service and program, patients will stay enrolled and you will have an additional profit center in your practice.

Here are two simple rules to remember about billing:

* You can’t sell single exercise sessions, and

* You can’t sell small blocks or packages of exercise sessions.

Of course, you shouldn’t want to offer single sessions anyway. This situation is lose/lose for both you and your patients. No patient can really benefit from a single session or just a handful of sessions.  A handful of sessions will not produce permanent results and a positive lifestyle change for your patients.

And you won’t be happy either because there is no predictability in income when you sell one exercise session at a time. If your program is going to deliver reliable and predictable income over time, you need to be providing long-term, reliable services that get results.

So the 5th crucial component is an automated billing system that makes paying easier on your patients and helps your program produce reliable income.

At the Medical Fitness Academy, our mission is to teach, guide, and assist healthcare practitioners in getting involved with Medical Fitness & Wellness at the practice level. We are a team of business, technology, and marketing experts who have been shaping profitable solutions for healthcare practitioners for almost 20 years.

Let us help you regain control of your practice with a medical fitness and wellness solution that will allow you to achieve higher profitability and greater success in the “business side” of your practice.  To accomplish this, the Medical Fitness Academy offers consulting programs to help interested healthcare practitioners set up and implement staff-operated medical fitness and wellness programs with self-supported marketing programs in their practices.

Let us show you the best way to leverage your existing staff, space and resources with a medical fitness & wellness program to increase your income.  Let us show you a few medical fitness & wellness models that will align with your practice and financial goals.  Give us the opportunity to help you to build your practice vision.

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Written by RichFarina


Rich Farina, M.S. is the Founder of the Medical Fitness Academy and practice consultant to medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and fitness professionals throughout the U.S. During the past 25 years, Rich has conducted training programs for hundreds of healthcare professionals regarding the successful planning and implementation of medical fitness and wellness programs in their practices. For more information, contact him at the Medical Fitness Academy.



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