Healthcare Practice Consultants Shows Doctors How to Create Additional Revenue with Medical Fitness

President and Founding Partner of the Medical Fitness Academy ( Rich Farina and Vice President Rita Bryan are experienced healthcare practice consultants who are able to show doctors how to expand their practices through medical fitness. Their Medical Fitness Academy offers doctors a four-step plan that they may utilize to generate additional revenues.

Medical Fitness Academy's Rich Farina and Rita Bryan have combined their years of business and fitness experience to create a company that is able to help doctors generate more revenue. The team joined forces a while ago and soon saw positive results from their efforts to combine health and fitness in the doctor's office.

"Doctors may recommend that a patient get fit and then send them on their way," says Farina, "but that rarely works. However, by offering easy access to a medical fitness program that is designed specifically by the doctor and located in their office, a healthcare provider has created the scenario for success. As healthcare practice consultants, Rita and I are able to provide doctors with the information and plan they need to make medical fitness an part of their practice."

The Medical Fitness Academy provides doctors with a four-step program that includes planning, implementation, promotion and profit. The connection between fitness and a medical practice is natural and it results in extra income for the practice and various benefits for the patient. Studies have shown that over 80% of U.S. adults do not get the minimum amount of exercise recommended by the government and that almost 70% are either overweight or obese. Plus, many health problems are either directly connected to or exacerbated by the fact that patients are unfit. 

Bryan observes, "Everything from joint problems to diabetes and from heart conditions to asthma can be helped through a medical fitness program. This is not only a fine selling point for doctors when it comes to marketing to their patients, but it is a fantastic way for patients to get a handle on improving their health quickly and effectively." She adds, "Patients won't see results overnight, but they will realize them quickly. They feel better, perform better, look better and have more energy. If a doctor can help someone do that then people are going to seek them out."

It takes 10 to 12 weeks for doctors to incorporate the Medical Fitness Academy program into their practice. Over the course of a relatively short amount of time and under the guidance of these two healthcare program consultants, doctors start to realize steady and increasing profits. The result can be up to an additional $60,000 a month from a small to medium sized medical fitness program. Another attractive aspect of the program is cost. Working with Farina and Bryan's Medical Fitness Academy, doctors can sustain their program with low overhead and a minimum investment. The result is not only growth for the practice but greater patient loyalty and numerous health benefits. 

The Medical Fitness Academy may be found at, where you'll find an informational video on the program hosted President and Co-founder Rich Farina.

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