How Fitness Professionals Help Healthcare Professionals Build Larger Practices And Attract New Patients

One of the most overlooked personally-rewarding and lucrative opportunities that most fitness professionals miss is collaborating with healthcare practitioners in developing a medical fitness program together.

With the latest trend of including both exercise and nutrition as part of patient consultation and care plans, fitness professionals stand to expand their careers and income by knowing how to approach practitioners and work with them in creating an onsite medical fitness program.

Once the medical physician, physical therapist or chiropractor realizes the “hidden goldmine” they have in both their active and inactive patient files, a fitness professional with the right credentials and proven “formula” can take their skill set to a whole new level.

The “key” to success is understanding the patient population that the healthcare practitioner services in their practice.  By providing a systematic approach to implementing and growing a cash-based medical fitness program, the practitioner soon realizes the multiple benefits such an program brings to the practice, including its natural ability to attract new patients to the practice.

At the Medical Fitness Academy, our mission is to teach, guide, and assist healthcare practitioners in getting involved with Medical Fitness at the practice level. We are a team of business, technology, and marketing experts who have been shaping profitable solutions for healthcare practitioners for almost 20 years. Let us help you regain control of your practice with a medical fitness solution that will allow you to achieve higher profitability and greater success in the “business side” of your practice.

To accomplish this, the Medical Fitness Academy offers both consulting services and licensing opportunities to help interested healthcare practitioners set up and implement staff-operated medical fitness programs with self-supported marketing programs in their practices.

Let us show you the best way to leverage your existing staff, space and resources with medical fitness programs to increase your income.  Let us show you a few medical fitness models that will align with your practice and financial goals.  Give us the opportunity to help you to build your practice vision with one of our medical fitness program solutions.  It all starts with a FREE 20-Minute Phone Consultation with us so we can get to know a little more about you and your practice.

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