Medical Fitness Academy Now Offering “Done For You” Turnkey Wellness System

licenseIf you haven’t heard yet, the Medical Fitness Academy is now offering qualified healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to implement our Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System in their practices.

I can’t express how excited I am about this, and so far the feedback from healthcare professionals has been overwhelmingly positive!

The reason we decided to offer a comprehensive turnkey system is that we were encountering many healthcare professionals who wanted to start a medical fitness and wellness program in their practices, but needed personalized guidance on how exactly to make that happen.

Since my partner and co-founder Rita Bryan and I have almost 40 years of experience doing just that, we knew this was a need we could fill. So we set to work designing a system that would explain exactly how to do it — and do it successfully.

The Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System is the first, complete wellness system and implementation strategy delivering a structured, medically-integrated lifestyle fitness program, weight loss & lifestyle nutrition coaching, and medically-endorsed metabolism testing.  The entire wellness system was designed to emphasize disease prevention, health-risk reduction, and an improved lifestyle. The Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System offers a structured wellness program providing patients with predictable outcomes and results.

It involves a series of processes, protocols, and procedures focusing on the whole person with its foundation built upon ongoing supervision, support, and accountability for the patient. And at the same time providing a sustainable, profitable, efficient, low overhead added service to an existing healthcare practice or business.

The goal of our Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System is to assist healthcare practitioners in improving quality of life through an effective, well-run, sustainable medical fitness and wellness program.   Whether you are looking to start a new program or revamp an existing program, the Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System offers the opportunity to start, grow, and profit from a wellness program using a proven and highly successful business model.

Our Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System assists healthcare professionals in mastering the business of wellness by shortening learning curves, fast-tracking program implementation and profitability, and avoiding costly mistakes hindering progress and financial success.

The Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System offers healthcare professionals an opportunity simply not available elsewhere – the ability to enjoy a thriving wellness profit center built on the premise that healing is your first priority, because our strategies, structure and support provide the rest.

Our concept is backed by an experienced support team, dedicated to your success and the proper care of wellness program participants.

So if you are at all considering implementing a comprehensive wellness program as part of your practice (and I hope you are!), call us today TOLL-FREE at 1-855-633-3481 (1-855-MEDFIT1). 

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