Why Don’t Doctors Refer Patients For Exercise? Part 2

Doctors Don’t Trust

Have you ever wondered why physicians always seem to recommend walking as a form of exercise for their patients? Do you wonder why the Surgeon General’s report on physical fitness recommends walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at a far parking space, gardening or mowing the lawn as a way to exercise.  With all the research that supports more effective types of exercise, why aren’t doctors recommending them?  A lawsuit.

At the darkest corner of any doctor’s mind when he or she recommends exercise to their patients is the fear of a lawsuit.  This is particularly true if they are even more daring and recommend they go to a specific gym or fitness professional.

Most physicians take great care to insure they do ‘everything right’ in treating their patients.  They follow standard medical practices that are proven and accepted to work.  They are careful to make sure they do everything they can so their patients have a positive outcome as a result of their treatment.

So when it comes to prescribing exercise or referring their patients out to some facility or trainer for exercise, they usually don’t because they’re not willing to put everything they’ve worked for and own on the line.  Ultimately, making a bad referral can end up costing the physician everything if it ends up in a malpractice lawsuit.

Malpractice insurance typically covers up to 1 million dollars per occurrence and 3 million dollars accumulated. Many lawsuits can go up to tens of millions of dollars. Just because you have exceeded your malpractice liability does not mean you don’t owe the rest of the money. The court can take everything a physician currently owns and garnish their future wages. Such a scenario can make a doctor an abject slave for the rest of their life.

The Solution:  An In-House Medical Fitness Program

If a doctor or healthcare professional wants to solve the problem of potential liability and financial risk while still wanting to incorporate exercise into their overall treatment plan for their patients, then implementing a medical fitness program right inside your practice is the answer.

You not only create an additional all-cash revenue stream for yourself that you can profit from each month, but you also have full control of what patients in your practice best qualify for such a program and what exactly happens to them.

Since your patients are already digging into their wallets and spending money on hopeful solutions in programs and places that don’t work, they may as well be spending that money in a solution that you know will work for them, under your roof.

With many of the components necessary to do this already in place in your practice, you can have a successful, cost-efficient medical fitness solution up and running in 12 weeks or less.

For more information on how physicians master the business of medical fitness and propel their practice into the future of healthcare, please visit MedicalFitnessAcademy.com

Written by RichFarina



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