Why You Should Offer Medical Fitness Right Inside Your Practice Reason #1

Here is the first reason why you should be offering medical fitness to your patients as part of the healthcare services you offer.

The health club industry is a billion dollar industry that serves only 11% of the US population at any one time.  People know they should exercise and lose weight, and so they join a health club in the hopes of achieving their goals.  People who become health club members generally find that they can’t get the help they need and thus usually drop out after just a few months.  People, many of them your patients, are looking for a solution that will work for them and are willing to pay for it out of their own wallets.

Reason #1: Your Patients Already Want It

If you ask your patients, they will tell you they want to be more active, lose weight, be healthier, and slow the aging process, but they’ve tried the health club and gym “scene” a number of times and they generally stop going because they don’t see progress from what they’re doing and their motivation declines over time.

They also don’t like the huge “warehouse-style” facilities where they are just a number. They are also fearful of getting hurt because there is no one there to assist them to avoid this.  Over the years, they join various facilities and buy home exercise equipment in the hopes of still trying to accomplish their goals, paying cash for all of it.  They are looking for a more personalized approach to fitness without the high price-tag of “stand-there-watch-me-exercise personal trainers”.

Written by: Rich Farina, M.S., founder of The Medical Fitness Academy where healthcare professionals learn how to master the business of medical fitness so they can make a greater impact in their patient’s lives and get paid for it too.  Visit MedicalFitnessAcademy.com for more information.

Written by RichFarina



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