Why You Should Offer Medical Fitness Right Inside Your Practice Reasons 2 and 3

Our last post gave an intro to this series.  There is really no reason for your practice not to offer medical fitness to your patients.

Reason #2: Your Patients Already Know They Need It

Your patients see the importance of staying healthy and active on a regular basis; they just don’t know how to accomplish this in an easy, effective manner that yields timely results and keep them motivated. They are bombarded almost everyday by the media that exercise is good for them and they should be doing it – Oprah, Dr. Oz, USA Today, Biggest Loser, etc.

Reason #3: Your Patients Have Already Been Trained To Pay Cash For It

The health club industry has “trained” the general public that if they want to exercise, lose weight, and look better, they have to pay cash out of their own wallet for it – no health insurance company is going to pay for it… and never will.  Your patients already spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year on gym/health club memberships, home equipment, vitamins, weight loss products & courses, etc..  Yet, they are still searching for a “personal solution”.

Author:  Rich Farina, M.S., founder of The Medical Fitness Academy where healthcare professionals learn how to master the business of medical fitness so they can make a greater impact in their patient’s lives and get paid for it too.  Visit MedicalFitnessAcademy.com for more information.

Written by RichFarina



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