Why You Should Offer Medical Fitness Right Inside Your Practice Reasons 4 and 5

Reason #4: You Already Have The Facilities For A Medical Fitness Program

Most medical offices, phys600-00824847ical therapy offices, and chiropractic offices already have some of the “key components” to making a medical fitness program work and be profitable right inside their practices.  If designed properly, an in-house medical fitness program can flow much like the way you see patients for health care.

With an addition of or re-training of just one or two key staff members, you can serve hundreds of “happy-to-come” cash-paying medical fitness members each week.  You can propel your practice well into the future of health care while adding tens of thousands of dollars of cash income to your practice and personal bottom line.

Reason #5: You Already Have All The Members You Need

No matter what type of health care professional you are, you generally actively serve only a small part of your patient base at any one time.  Think of all the “inactive” patients who only come to see you when they think they need you.

Imagine being able to tap into the goldmine you already have in the stacks of patient files who are already searching for a fitness solution from someone else while you could provide them with the perfect solution and they could get it at a reasonable fee from someone they already know and they already trust – YOU.

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Written by RichFarina



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